I have never claimed to be the best cook. I’ve set off a few smoke alarms in my day. The whole point of cooking for me, is to eat. I really only cook because I know we have to eat. I don’t really enjoy cooking. I wish I did though. I can watch the Cooking Channel non-stop and be so inspired by the things they prepare.

One blogger who’s added to my desire to cook is Joanne. She comes up with some awesome dishes and is pretty much a rock star in my book. I’m always thinking, “I could do that.” The thing is, I probably could. I just don’t feel like I really have the time to get into cooking. In my house, meal preparation is usually a mad dash! I’m not really good at the meal planning thing to have things in house or already prepared. I’m sure that would help. It’s hard because even my trips to the grocery store seem to have a time limit. I have to get home to cook or I’m running to the store on my lunch break and need to rush back. On the weekends we’re running so many other errands that when we do make it to the store it’s a rush to get out so the little guy doesn’t loose his mind from boredom. Not really the time to be trying to find special spices and such.

I am determined to get better with this. I really think I could enjoy cooking. I know I love to eat, so it should be a natural progression, right? To that end, I added taking a cooking class to my list of 40 things to do before 40. Lucky for me, a friend asked me to take a class with her for her birthday. I’m all signed up and will be checking this off the list soon. Let’s hope I learn some things that’ll have me excited about cooking. I know I’ll never be Joanne. She’s amazing! I’m just trying to be the best Cam I can be in the kitchen!

P.S. That should totally be a show “Cam in the Kitchen”

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  1. I can cook, but I am not a super cook I confess. I really wish I had paid more attention when grandma and mama was in the kitchen cooking instead of just getting my plate ready and eating. I can follow a recipe well, but I am not always that good when it comes to making it your own….Maybe I should take a class???

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