When is it too late to keep saying “Happy New Year”? At what point are we done with that? It’s still January, so is it still legit? If you’re like most people the New Year buzz has worn off. Life as we know it has kicked in and all those promises and resolutions we started with are beginning to struggle. Honestly, for some people those resolutions became a distant memory a long time ago. Let’s be real.

I haven't been big on New Year resolutions for a while now. This year I chose a word - trust. I'm putting it on full display in a unique way.

Last year, I created a New Year playlist to keep me motivated. I remember a couple years ago, I chose a word for the year. This year, I tossed around the idea of choosing a word again. I had already made some intentions clear for the New Year and I was good with that. Then I was scrolling through these internet streets and I saw an ad that caught my eye. It was a simple key on a necklace.

I haven't been big on New Year resolutions for a while now. This year I chose a word - trust. I'm putting it on full display in a unique way.

The idea behind the key is what got me. So, you choose a word that you need to hold on to (i.e., hope, courage, faith) and the company will engrave that word on a key and send it along with a necklace. You hold on to the key as long as you need it. Once you no longer feel like you need that hope, faith, or courage as much, you pass it on to someone who does. Isn’t that beautiful? Clearly, I was sold.

For a few days, I left the site’s page up on my computer. I was really thinking about what my word would be. I finally had a light bulb moment and chose the word “TRUST”. With all the last year has taken me through, I could do nothing but trust in God to pull me through. Trust the process and believe all will work out for the best. When it comes to being a mother, I have to trust myself and know that I’m doing my best for my kids.

That word really resonated with me and I placed my order. When I got the necklace, there was another pleasant surprise. The packaging stated that the company employs people transitioning out of homelessness. The company is called The Giving Keys and they are based here in Los Angeles where homelessness is a huge issue.

My kids notice everything and they have been asking me about my new necklace. I explained the idea behind the necklace to them. My son immediately wanted to know if I still needed the necklace and if I could pass it along to someone in my family. Clearly he’s got his eyes on my key! I love the idea of passing the key along to someone who needs it.

Did you choose a word for the New Year? 

Disclaimer: I was not asked to review this business. I really just saw the ad and loved the necklace.

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  1. This is a really great concept! I love the word you chose. I have to do some more thinking about my word for 2017, but trusting in God is definitely what I’ll be doing!

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