When you want to quit


              We’ve all been there at some point. You have a goal in mind. You get a plan in place. The wheels are in motion. Then you hit one bump too many and you’re thinking maybe you don’t want to do this anymore. Anyone? Just me? I have definitely… Read more…

Motivated Mama: DeAngelia


For this “Motivated Mama” interview, I talk to a college classmate. She’s building a boutique while raising a family. She shares some of the joys and struggles that come with really going for your dreams. It’s not easy, but surely worth it. Camesha: Tell me about your passion. DeAngelia: My passion is simply to help… Read more…

Write The Vision


Are you the type of person who has to write things down to make sure you actually do them or remember them? *Raises Hand* That’s so me! I have to do lists all of the place. They are taking up lots o’ space in my phone and in my notebook planner. I have lists and… Read more…