The hardest job I’ve ever had, no doubt, is being mama to my littles. There have definitely been times that I’ve questioned myself along the way. Am I teaching them enough? Am I teaching them the right things? Do they do enough? Are they over-scheduled? Am I weaving in enough of our heritage for them to be proud of who they are? When you’re a parent and in charge of so much of how another human is shaped – the questions never seem to stop. There have been times that I’ve questioned whether or not I’m a good mama. Then I remember what my mom has always told me – in every situation. “As long as you’re doing your best, that’s enough. You can’t do more than your best.” She’s right. And I am, doing my best, that is.

They're confident, they're happy - you're patient. I promise even when you don't think so, you rock at being mama. I've got 10 reasons to prove it. I know I’m not the only one that’s questioned myself. I know I put a lot of pressure on myself where my kids are concerned. Unlike work where I want to be my best, if things go wrong it’ more of an attitude of I’ll do better next time. I feel the need to not mess up where my kids are concerned. I know that’s impossible. Still the fact that I worry about that at all reminds me that I’m a good mom. And you know what? You are too. Not sure? Here’s ten of my top ideas of why you (we) rock as mamas!

1 – You worry about not being, doing, giving enough. If you’re worried about not being a good mama, chances are you’re a good mama. Your worrying about it means you are actually trying to do your best.

2 – You’re patient. We listen to all the thoughts that run around their heads. We take the time to explain things to them and teach them. Sometimes their attention spans don’t stick with us very long, so patience is definitely a must!

3 – You’re teachers. Not only by what we say but more from what we do. We teach them how to value themselves, how to be confident, how to be social and move in this world all by what we do.

4 – You juggle many hats as moms, wives, women, and really try to give them all our best. Whether working mom, stay at home mom, single mom or married – mamahood is a juggling act. I like to think on some level we are superhuman with how much we do.

5 – My kids are really happy people. 

6 – My kids are kids. They haven’t been exposed to too much that would make them grow up too soon and rob them of their childhood. I’m trying to keep them in that space with that innocence as long as possible.

7 – They know how much I love them. I knew before I had kids that I’d be the mama who just gazed at my babies from time to time, fascinated that I get to be their mama.

8 – They’re confident little people. My kids really believe that they can do whatever they try to do. They are really confident and their abilities and what they know. On the flip side of that, they are super eager learners!

9 – I remind them that I’m human and not perfect. I apologize when I’m wrong. I’m fine with them knowing that I’m flawed. No need for perfection. We just have to do our best.

10 – I listen to them – a lot. I let them know that what they say matters. I’m alway amazed at the things I learn from them and about them.

Trust me, mama, you’re awesome. I know it and so do your kids.

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