All over social media, I’ve seen everyone say it. 2016 has been a year for the record books. Not in a good way. There have been so many twists and turns this year filled with loss and tragedies. I can’t speak for you but 2016 has been a beast of a year for me. There have been so many personal and professional challenges that have thrown me off track.

In many cases, I’ve had no choice but to slow down or just flat out stop everything. All.Of.The.Things. When I tell you, I’m looking forward to 2016 drawing to a close. Believe me. I’m in countdown mode at this point. What’s so bizarre is that I’m never the one to rush life. I’m not the one to say things like “I can’t wait until (insert gripe) is over”. I’m more of a live through it, learn from it and move on kinda chica. This year has tested me though. I’m looking forward to moving into 2017 with the lessons of 2016 done.

10-questionsGoing into the New Year we all tend to get a little introspective. I’ve been thinking about what I want 2017 to look like. To figure that out I had to ask myself some questions. I figured I’d share them with you. You know since we’re cool like that.

The first question – What do I want? No, like really. For this one I took the filters and boundaries off myself and just really went there. It’s always a good thing to dream out loud. Give it some thought and grab some paper and write down what you come up with. No limits.

Next is a big one – Do I love myself how I am? Where I am – right now? I know as women in general and moms in particular we are incredibly hard on ourselves. We can be so critical of ourselves and what we see as our flaws that we miss our awesomeness. Let this question be your opportunity to take a look in the mirror and instead of finding all the things you’d change – point out the things you absolutely love. Think about how you are as a mom, friend, daughter, partner – then call out the things you love about yourself in those roles.

What do I need to let go of? There’s always some things we need to shake. It could be self doubt or other bad habits. Let’s write it down. Face it. Then figure out ways to let those things go.

Who do I need to let go of? After you make a list of things you let go you may have thought of some people too. Are some negative Nathan’s or negative Nancy’s that you need to distance yourself from?

What do I want to learn? I took a list at my 40 before 40 list recently. There’s a lot of things I didn’t get go. Some of them were things I wanted to learn. I’m making it a point for 2017 to get to some of those classes I’ve been wanting to take.

How do I want to grow? This question could piggy back earlier questions of what do I want and do I love myself how I am now? What ever the answers are to those questions could be followed up with a list of how you want to grow. The girl is always to work at being the best versions of ourselves. The great thing is we get to decide what that looks like.

What is my genius? You do know we all have our area of genius, right? You’re an expert at something. What is it? Make it a priority to find your genius zone.

Who is my tribe? I’ve talked about finding your tribe or squad before. We all need one. A mom squad is a must and if you’re a biz owner, finding biz besties is a must do. Who is in your tribe? How do they support you? In what ways do you support them?

How am I taking care of myself? The self care talk is not going away. It’s to important to ignore. I’ve fallen off more times than I can count, but I keep trying.

What’s my true happy place? How do I get there? And when was I last there? My literal happy place is the beach. I get there as much as possible. Being that I grew up in Detroit and now live in Los Angeles, I’m soaking up all the ocean time I can get. It’s my peaceful place where I go to clear my mind and make decisions. It’s also where I go to be reminded of my faith and be inspired. The happy place doesn’t have to be an actual place though. It could be somewhere you take yourself mentally. Find yours. Go there – often.

2 comments on “10 Questions Every Mama Must Answer”

  1. Great post! I particularly like the “genius” question. I think after you find your genius zone, you must breathe life into it! Fully experience what it means to live your life in that zone; this may well be where one’s purpose resides. Then you can live a more purposeful and fulfilling life if you are willing to take action! WOW! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your post! I believe everyone should take an inward look into themselves a few times a year. It can be especially liberating doing it as you close one year and go into another.

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